Love of country and a profound respect for our American veterans were the primary catalysts for me to write my first book, "The Sacred Trust."  My mid-western values, work ethic, patriotism and healthcare leadership expertise have all combined for a revealing non-fiction journey through the crisis-plagued Veterans Administration healthcare delivery system and its current systemic failure.

"The Sacred Trust" is a historical account of commitments and failed promises to our American veterans.

Established between the U.S Government and its war veterans in early colonial times, the "sacred trust" sets forth a "covenant" which promised veterans that they would be cared for - physically and mentally. Sadly, the VA crisis and calamity of 2014 caused a horrific negative fallout across America and has defined the current VA healthcare system as undeniably broken. 

Retired and living in Arizona, the author learned of the developing VA crisis and subsequent scandal that broke out at the Carl T. Hayden Veterans Medical Center in Phoenix, in May 2014, rolling across America to other VA facilities. This scandal sparked the author to write " The Sacred Trust" telling the factual story of failed promises to our American veterans. It highlights the absence of a substantive resolution by the Veterans' Administration and all levels of our Federal government to include the executive branch in assuring veterans timely accessibility to healthcare services within the VA system.

The VA's current "warts and blemishes" are smothering the many good medical specialty services provided in 150 VA acute care hospitals and 820 VA outpatient clinics throughout the country. Worse yet, it has negatively distracted from the good work and caring provided by the physicians, nurses and support personnel of all VA hospitals while severely impugning their integrity and dedication.

The author suggests that it will take the will of a newly-elected president, a committed Congress, new VA executive leadership and an American resolve in assuring that "the sacred trust" is honored and our patriotic veterans receive timely health care which is their due. The intensity of "the fire in their collective bellies" necessary to fix the critically serious systemic problems will define the VA healthcare system of tomorrow.

"The Sacred Trust" is now available as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble bookstores.  Proceeds will benefit Veterans' organizations whose missions are to improve the quality of life for all generations of veterans and their families.