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"Geppetto" begins with a log- a fallen tree - typically showing character, knots and burl. Depending on the project, the log is millled, cut into planks or cross- cut to expose the tree's growth rings. The planks become table tops and the cross cuts become table tops or shelves. Table legs are made either of the same wood as the stable top (juniper or mesquite) depending upon the final look desired, manzanita wood can be used.

Once the pieces are roughly fashioned, the real work begins. Rough sanding followed by increasingly finer sanding begins to yield a natural wood product, soft to the touch and rich with grain - character. A mixture of epoxy and powered minerals such as Turquoise can be used to fill in large natural cracks or knots that have loosened giving the finished product special character. The pieces are now ready for assembly.

"Geppetto's " final touch is the application of several coasts of pure polyurethane which brings out the full character of the wood. No oils or stains are used! Very fine sanding between the poly coats yields high luster finishes.

"Geppetto the Woodworker"

Spending summers at Torreon in Show Low, AZ, I discovered the beauty of the natural woods indigenous to Arizona- mesquite, juniper and manzanita. Never having done any woodworking, "the galloping CEO" tested the waters only to find some newfound skills along with a deep appreciation for the rich woods that yielded special results.


Lazy Susan